Embark on a journey of language mastery with us!

We help professionals who migrate to Australia, Canada, the UK or New Zealand to improve their English language skills for IELTS, ISLPR or PTE exams.

We also provide training for the Spanish language test DELE and the French test DELF for people with the purpose of travel; professional work or migration.

Uniquely, we foster confidence in English, Spanish, German, or French through personalised coaching and mentoring as well as delivering general language classes. Immerse yourself in our vibrant online learning community, where stories and events forge connections, enabling growth while conquering language challenges.

At the core of our approach is storytelling, uniting kindred spirits, providing networking opportunities and paving your way to professional communication proficiency.

Join a thriving community and experience the transformative power of connection through language.

We help professionals achieve their career goals through language learning – English, Spanish, French and German.

Our Values

At My Language My Story we are passionate about,

  • Education
  • Communication
  • Travel Experiences
  • Joi de vivre
  • Stories
  • Growth
  • Lifelong learning connections.

About Our Language Coach – Meredith Hamilton

Meredith Hamilton is a qualified, Certified Advanced Coach and member of the International Coaching Institute, Melbourne. With a Masters in TESOL at Melbourne University, combined with a Certificate in Coaching at TCI Melbourne, My Language My Story combines the two in order to empower people to learn languages faster.

Meredith has over 500 hours of coaching experience and 25+ years of teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in Melbourne, Spain and China.

Meredith has worked with adults, teens and children from all over the world and at different stages of their language learning in Academic, General and Business contexts. Since beginning this new project, she has helped more than 100 individuals achieve their IELTS band scores and progress to their next career move and change their lives for the better.

Meredith has the skills and strategies you need to improve your English, pass an IELTS exam or the ISLPR exam and build your confidence for a job interview in your second language.