Sunday 3rd December 2023

3:30pm – 6:00pm
[Sydney/Melbourne Time]

Story Filming + Christmas Event Share Your Story

Would you like to be part of our story? Would you like to meet other like-minded people in Melbourne? Join us to celebrate your achievements this year plus Christmas.🎄 This event will be held in St Kilda Library Community Room on Sunday the 3rd December in Melbourne. If you’d like to film a story, register via Eventbrite for more details; if you wish to be filmed, prepare your short story (1-2 minutes) in advance and rehearse on the day with feedback from a partner. Record your story with our professional filmmakers. Enjoy the sun, film your story (optional) and join us for a chat and to celebrate your achievements in 2023. Also, meet our wonderful mentors – Sebastian, Anne and Meredith

Meet new people

Practice your pronunciation and presentation skills

Spend time in nature

Contribute your story so others can learn from you

Relax and enjoy a chat – drinks and light snacks provided

Monday, 4th December 2023

5:30pm – 9:00pm
[Sydney/Melbourne Time]

IELTS Full Online Practice Test Listening |Reading|Writing 

If you are preparing to take the IELTS test in the next year, it is a good idea to get started with your preparation early. If you think you are almost ready to take the official test, this event might be for you. Receive feedback on your test within 48 hours after finishing.




Speaking – book a free information session to find out about Speaking feedback

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