Meredith Hamilton

Certified Advanced Coach Member of the Coaching Institute, Melbourne.

Meredith Hamilton has a Masters in TESOL, Melbourne University, combined with a Certificate in Coaching at TCI Melbourne. This project combines the two in order to encourage people to learn languages faster. With 25+ years of teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in Melbourne, Spain and China, Meredith has worked with adults and teens from all over the world at different stages of their English language learning. Meredith has the skills and strategies you need to improve your English, pass your IELTS exam or ISLPR exam and build your confidence for a job interview in your second language. She has assisted 100+ individuals with IELTS preparation to reach their immigration and career goals through this project over the past 5 years.

What Meredith says about coaching and language learning:

“We work with bilingual people of all ages and stages of their career to assist in building confidence and trust in their communicative ability in English. We also help people to pass IELTS exams, write essays and longer written pieces. We’ve helped people upgrade their qualifications, extend their visas and also get new positions to advance their careers. We also help people edit their English to post on blogs and commercial websites as well.The other area of second language acquisition we are interested in is speeding up the process of language learning.”

“Building my client’s self belief, self-trust and sense of belonging is my purpose with the My Language My Story project. Learning with a purpose is so satisfying so I also help people find their specific purpose in life-to get direction, change direction or simply keeping on moving on up.If you’d like a free introductory session, please fill in the calendar form and book a time to find out how we can help you with your goals.”

“I’m really looking forward to connecting with you! Send us an email or fill out a form to get a complimentary first session or find out about the project. I’d love to hear your stories and ideas!”