Quentin Duclos

French Trainer and Mentor Online
  • Masters degree in language teaching & Intercultural communication
  • DELF training qualification (International French level recognition)
  • VCE French tutoring

I’m Quentin, and I’m a French teacher from France, where I did a Masters degree in language teaching & Intercultural communication in Rennes. I also started my career there, with French High School students, then I worked with refugees for 2 years , and asylum seekers who had just arrived in France, in a non-profit organisation.

I lived in Melbourne from 2019 to 2021, and I had the opportunity to be able to work for the Alliance Française, and teach all kinds of students, from primary school children to adults – working on social and academic French courses.

If you want to learn conversational / native French in order to connect with French speaking people, and learn cultural content, or if you have academic needs, I will assist you to

  • carry on natural conversations in French
  • learn how to find ways to express yourself with the French you know
  • get personalised lessons made for your own specific needs and goals
  • work on themes that you need or are interested in!
  • build your knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary
  • train for the DELF exam in French
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I’ve always considered languages as a skill to master, unlike schools where it can sometimes be viewed as a lot of knowledge to absorb. Before starting the classes with me, we will decide together what are your objectives, and will build the classes around those. What is often most difficult for adults, or teenage students is to face the fear of making mistakes, and trying to speak, knowing that they might get it wrong. It’s a very natural feeling, such as playing an instrument in front of others. In my lessons, we create a safe environment for you to break the ice, and try and repeat to build confidence in the exercise.

When I arrived in Australia, I was barely able to speak English, and I found myself in this situation where I was ashamed of my accent, or of not being able to communicate properly. I discovered that this is a mental barrier more than anything else and can be overcome with lessons from a good teacher and perseverance.

Teaching French language to me is rather a team effort or nothing at all. It’s an exchange where I will help you step into my language, my story and French culture.

PS: You can hear my story on this website