Sebastián Wachter-Cifuentes

Sebastián Wachter-Cifuentes

Certified Advanced Coach Spanish Teacher Online, Melbourne CBD / Inner City / Bayside / Northside
  • International certificate for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language ELE from University of Salamanca – Spain
  • Bachelor of Humanities – emphasis Spanish
  • Diploma of interpretation Spanish to English, English to Spanish
  • Certificate in TESOL
  • VSL Spanish teacher

A popular Spanish teacher with over 10 year’s experience teaching children, young people and adults – face-to-face and online. Having prepared students to organize events in Spanish with the presence of United Nations delegates, I understand how to teach in high stakes situations.

A resident of Melbourne since 2017, I have worked as head teacher at the Victorian School of Languages; as a content creator in Spanish; ​​and hosted the Spanish-speaking radio program called “LatinoParlantes” on Radio 3ZZZ 92.3 FM.

If you want to learn conversational Spanish with a native speaker; if you want to connect with Spanish speakers and learn cultural content; if you need Spanish for academic purposes, I will assist you to:

  • learn to find ways to express yourself with the Spanish you know
  • carry on natural conversations in Spanish
  • schedule and plan your individual lessons made for your own specific needs and goals
  • build your vocabulary around topics you are interested in or require for your work
  • build your knowledge of Spanish grammar
  • improve your Spanish level by training for and taking the DELE exam

Learning a language is a personal process because each student has different needs. That is why from the first moment we will establish your goals and create our coaching agreement then schedule your personalized plan to achieve them.

I am deeply convinced that a language is learned through experiences that generate significant emotions and memories. That is why our personalized classes will always be enjoyable and unique. You will receive constant feedback and we will work as a team to build your confidence to interact in the Spanish language.

I know how it feels to learn a new language. At the age of 32, I decided to learn English. That is why I know the fears that a student feels, the fears of making mistakes, the different moods and frustrations; but at the same time, I am also aware of the satisfaction of being recognized for the achievements and experiences in a new language.

Learning requires practice, without a doubt, but also a committed and empathic tutor. I will accompany you with my solid experience and the richness of my Hispanic culture.

¡Acá te espero!